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PPC Advertising

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We going to be flat out honest and tell you that the internet is the biggest and newest way of marketing for businesses. There are so many ways to gain massive exposure online for your business. Many businesses have turned to pay per click advertising for their business but unfortunately have no clue what they are doing. Because of this reason, many businesses are throwing money down the drain.

First, lets talk about the most popular places to advertise using pay per click advertising. Google is by far the most popular place to advertise and target your specific market using advertisement. Other notable places to advertise that I believe people are under utilizing is MSN and Yahoo search engines. You can often get targeted prospects at a much cheaper price using these search engines instead of Google.

Web 2.0 communities have become very popular and are a new hot spot for pay per click advertising. The most popular site is Facebook. If targeted and used correctly. You can convert using pay per click advertising on Facebook. Twitter currently does not have a paid advertising method as of yet.

A very important aspect to consider when using pay per click marketing is identifying your target market. Know who your target market is and what keywords they search in order to find you. Keywords are a very important part of marketing on search engines.

You want to have relevant content and match up with the keywords your prospect is searching for. When your keywords match the keywords your prospect is searching for, the search engine automatically highlights your word.

Send your prospects to a capture page or a sales page. I have seen too many ads online that send their prospects to a home page or an informational page with no action step required. Tell your prospects to take action and do something. Whether is is to buy something of input their information into a box to receive something of value.

Your paid advertisement content should be catchy and draw attention to your prospect. It should also be relevant to your actual page as well. Get creative but do not steal someone else's content. That is just tacky and not very creative.

Take time to research keywords and the price of each word. You will want to be on the first page of Google in order to optimize your clicks and success rate. Make a budget and stick to your budget. Marketing is really scientific process. You must know how much your spending and how much your acquisition price is for each new customer.

Pay per click is a very good way to advertise your business if you know how to use it correctly. If not, you could be wasting a lot of money!
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