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Art of SEO Writing

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Website owners around the world have one thing they all want when it come to their respective websites: web traffic. And how do these website owners improve this? By using SEO techniques. And to do well in SEO, one must understand how to do quality SEO writing. To learn SEO writing, the best way is to read up on the subject. Learn from the SEO experts that abound, and find out what it takes to start writing for SEO. If you think it's difficult, think again. Because writing for SEO is a relatively easy task, especially if you know what to do.

The basic concept of writing for SEO is optimization. You optimize the content of your website, article by article, to make it searchable by keyword using the search engines. For example, your website is about "electric razors." This is how you should approach writing content for your site: the title should include the keyword, which in this case is "electric razors." Then, you write your article the normal way. A good benchmark for number of words is about 350-500 words. Be sure to write quality articles, and not gibberish just to fill out the word count quota. After you are finished with the article, you then try to edit the article so that it includes the keywords that are peppered throughout the article. A good rule of thumb is to include the keyword in the first paragraph, once or twice in the body (depends on the number of words), and in the last paragraph. this would make it seem natural looking and not forced. Be sure to not overdo it, or else it will look like spam to the search engines. Remember, too much of a good thing can be harmful and the same applies to SEO writing.

Basically, that's it. You optimize your articles in a way that doesn't seem forced. Make it look as natural as possible. This is why it's good practice to write the article normally, then include the keywords after. Because from my experience, if you are conscious about the use of keywords in an article, one tends to overdo it. Be sure to avoid this trap and try to be as natural as possible.

This is of course just the basics of writing for SEO, and there are a lot more to learn about the subject. Try to learn all you can about it and implement it in your website. Combine this with other SEO techniques and pretty soon, you just might see your website on the top of the search engine rankings.

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