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Google PageRank

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Getting to the top of Google for search terms related to your industry is one of the main goals of many modern businesses. There are many crucial factors which can determine how high you appear in SERP (Search Engine Results Page), one of which is Google PageRank.

Now in order for you to understand and visualise how Google PageRank works as we discuss it, it would be a good idea for you to first install Google Toolbar. Once installed then simply go into 'Options', then 'Tools' and tick the PageRank box.

Google considers links to web pages to be like votes and values some votes as being more important or having more weight than others. PageRank in simple terms is a system Google uses to count these votes and then determine which web pages are most important based on these votes.

The way PageRank works is best explained in the following way. A link from Page A to Page B is classed as a vote and if Page A is classed as a highly reputable source of information and already ranks well in Google PageRank, then it is classed as a good vote and therefore Page B benefits from this. This makes it more likely that Page B will then begin to see an increase in its PageRank.

To see PageRank in action go onto Google's homepage and if you look at your newly installed Google Toolbar you will see a little green bar. If you hover over it you will see that it gives the page a ranking out of ten. A page with a ranking of zero will fair poorly in Google, whereas a page with ranking of ten will be the most prized of web pages. The more 'votes' you receive from others, the more that page is seen as being supported.

Although PageRank does not just rely on how many times a search word is used on a page it does help, as do visits to a page and updating pages frequently. Such analysis and techniques are employed by Google as they strive to be the perfect search engine, one which "understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want."

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