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In the present Internet era where billions of website are being surfed every day it is not enough merely to own a website or creating a website with good look but it is also very important to make it reachable to the targeted visitors and provide them with all the essential elements to convert them into potential customers.

Here get some simple steps to make your site a Search Engine Optimization friendly site:

1. Make it Simple

Try to make your site as simple as you can. Make use of white spaces on your site so that it visually also pleases visitors. Use appropriate font color with contrasting backgrounds. Less is more. It will help to make important elements more eye catching.

2. Avoid JavaScript

Try to avoid excessive use of JavaScript or any other scripting language on your web page. Search Engine robots as per their algorithm do not read JavaScript codes and use of these codes increases the load time of websites which annoys the user. As a result of which you may lose your potential customer.

3. Avoid use of Frames and Flash

Try to avoid excessive use of frames and flash as they increase load time of the websites.

4. Organize site

Organize sites in a manner so that every page is easily navigated from all the pages of the site. Navigation to the pages should be simple and clear. The Anchor text should be relevant to the link contained underneath.

5. Avoid Excessive use of Images

Avoid use of unnecessary images on the website as they increase the load time of the website and make the website bulky. Do not overuse graphics on the web page.

6. Minimize Site loading time

Site should be quick to load so that it can easily and quickly reach your potential visitors. Minimize the loading time on your site as much as you can.

7. Check Availability of Server

The web server on which your website is hosted should be 24 X 7 up as search engine robots can visit your website anytime. And unavailability of your site on being visited can lose you your potential visitor and thus you may lose your business.

8. Keep Navigation at the left

Create a Navigation tap and place the navigation links on that section. Keep the navigation links to the vital pages of your website on the left of the web page as search engine robots generally start reading your website from the top left corner of the website and also it is very much convenient for the web users also.

9. Relevant content

Don't forget that visitors are coming to your website to take some information. And for providing the required information to the visitors, search engines crawls your website. The ultimate main purpose is to provide information to the visitors. So keep your website more informative and post content on the website that is relevant to the site.

10. Manage Site map

Manage a site map containing the links of all the pages of the website on a single page so that a visitor can easily get to the page he wants to with the help of site map.

11. Avoid Scrolling

Horizontal Scrolling!!!! Users use to hate horizontal scrolling on a web page. It must go now. Vertical Scrolling is OK if it is very much necessary to keep it. But try to make your content or the information on your web page very concise and snappy. Users should have good feel when they come to your site.

These are just general aspects that one should consider while designing a website or optimizing a website.

Search Engine Optimizing Companies that provides various web promotion services bring in concern many technical aspects of making a website SEO friendly as they are somewhat aware of what search engines are looking for in a website.
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