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SEO Techniques

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These SEO techniques go through a three-phase process. They are bookmarking, article writing, then targeting higher PR sites.

The first step you want to do is to set up a blog that you can post new content on. Then afterwards you social bookmark the URLs to the different articles you created. Next you'll want to take the RSS feed and submit that to different directories and aggregators.

Once you finish these steps, the main part of you website will have anywhere from 10 to 15 links. Depending on the competition you're dealing with, you should be on page 2 or 1 for the particular keyword you are targeting. When you promote a brand new website you need to think long term and just doing the things in the first phase is not enough to give you a significant ranking over the long haul. It won't sustain your ranking either.

Now you're going to want to move to what I call phase 2 of the link building activities that you will be undertaking. In this stage, you'll be obtaining low to moderate links going back to your website. This is where you'll be focusing on blog networks and article directory networks. There are tools you can use to speed up the automation process.

In this phase you're giving yourself the potential of acquiring a few hundred links that will go back to your website.

Some of the automated services allow you to put links in the article itself. For those that do I'll always put a primary link going back to my main website, but some I'll link to a network of sites that I created using my Web 2.0 properties.

In the long run you want at least 50% of the links to go back to your main website. You'll want to keep up a good routine of writing articles to submit to either the blog or article networks.

There are good tools that will monitor your ranking relative to your keywords. At this point you should have a few hundred links going back to your website which will be anywhere between 0 to 2 PR rankings. I've never gotten anything higher than that.

Now you're ready to go on to phase 3. In this step you want to hand pick authority sites where you can work in a link back to your website. Some of these SEO techniques used in phase 3 you might have to pay for, but the link back to your website will be well worth the money spent.
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