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You have placed some ads, submitted to the search engines and joined a forum, is there anything more you can do? Some of you may have gone further than this which is an excellent start, but remember website promotion never stops. One thing that does happen to a lot of Internet Businesses is they promote the same way over and over and honestly it can get boring.

What I would recommend is continue the above but add some variety and additional ways to promote and it will stay exciting and with that so will the material you provide to your viewers. Here are some ideas that you can use in addition to the ads, Search Engines and forums, use them all or some but stay consistent with it and in a short time you will see an increase in traffic as well as conversions.

Address your website. Make sure the content updated and working:

      • This should be done once a week, make sure that you links are working on all pages.
      • Make sure you change the content on the Home page and change any special offers you have at least once a month.
      • The viewer should feel like it can trust where they are: testimonials, policies and guarantees should be made visible and easy to find.
      • What's new page that offers any specials, new products, company news or company future plans are a great way to keep interest and invite feedback.
      • Offer surveys, quizzes or trivia. Viewers love to participate or read short interesting bits and feel like they have contributed.
      • Make sure you are readily available to answer any questions and provide a time of when they can expect their answer.

Ads and search engines and forums are great, but you can expand this in so many ways.

       • Join forum groups where the members could have interest in your site. Remember not to go in with your promotional guns firing. Offer advice and opinion and naturally mention your site as a reference, not as a promotion.
       • Offer free materials like samples, ezines or e-docs to the viewers; these can be mentioned in your ads and your site. Remember to change these monthly.
      • Offer free product in return for a group that tests your site or provides referrals. Paying testers that check your site also provide you with great feed back and promotion. Remember to keep testers limited to a few months and change them up so you get fresh feedback and insight.
      • Promote your site URL as part of your signature in emails or through any documents that are printed.
      • Offline ads can include business cards or posters with your site information. These are great to leave posted on any bulletin boards or gathering places.

The above will keep things interesting for you and in turn that interest will reflect out to the viewers. Along the way you will come across other ideas that may help in your promotion. The bottom line is the change and the looks will bring you far more visitors.
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