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Blog Keyword Strategy

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Keywords play a major role in failure or success of any website as well as link building campaign. To run an effective link building campaign, you should research about the best keywords for your website. These keywords will be used in your site content as well as in anchor text of the incoming links for your website. But the question is how to choose the best and effective keywords for your website? Lets start our keyword hunt…

Remember that If you don’t choose the right keyword in the very first step, then it will undermine everything else you do later. Well, you are right! Why is your keyword so important?

Basically targeted visitors use search engines to find information using keywords. Choosing an effective keyword will help ensure that you targeted the right topic that someone actually wants to read. Here targeted visitors are the people that you most want to find and read your website. They are the internet surfers who are most likely to be interested in the service or product of your company and the most likely to respond by clicking through to your site.

Most of your targeted visitors will find your website by performing a search in one of the search engines. They will search for the keyword or words that make the most sense to them when they are looking for information. Your goal is to find the keyword that your targeted readers will most likely search under to find the information or the product that you are offering at your website. Use words that people are searching. Choosing a right keyword will ensure that your targeted visitors will take real interest in your website..

The basic and first step in finding effective keywords is putting yourself in your visitors’ shoes. Think about who they are and in what they’re interested in. If you run a website dedicated to pet food, then you wouldn’t want a visitor coming from the term online dating. Once you make a list of all the term you can think a visitor can use to find a site like yours, move to the second part of keyword research.

You can make your keyword list bigger by exploring your service or product with different angles. Let’s say you are selling Leather jackets. You can explore the need and objective areas of the product. Why anyone wanted a leather jacket? What exactly is its purpose and what purpose its fulfilling. You can also increase your keywords by categorizing your product in terms of color, size, etc.

Once you got a complete list of keywords that you can think of, go to keyword tools like wordtracker and Google Adword Keyword Tool. See the search counts of your keywords and competition against it. Your sheet may look like this after this work.

Keyword WordTracker Counts Google Adword keyword Tool Competition Target Page
Word 1
Word 2
Remove the low count/searches keywords. Target the three worded keywords or phrases first. The two worded keywords in the mean time will get some rank automatically and then it will be easy to rank them on top positions. Consider the competition and competing sites. Once you finalized your keyword list, you can then move on to utilize these keywords as per there respective target page.

In the upcoming article we will discuss on how to utilize these keywords effectively. So stay tuned.

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